Empowering communities through quality education

Olive Tree Learning Centre is situated in Ngwenya, an impoverished (low grade) district on the outskirts of Livingstone city, Zambia. Ngwenya is an informal settlement of small mud and clay brick homes. 

This community sprang up in the middle of a rock quarry, which presents the community with (although meagre) an important source of hard won income.  Breaking rocks into roading and construction aggregate by hand is the main source of income that provides basic shelter, food, clothing, education and care for sick relatives.  A typical two roomed dwelling may house up to twelve extended family members and in many cases there they may be only one breadwinner.  It is here, amidst this community under siege from poverty and disease that we decided to begin to build a pre school.  The aim of OTLC was to bring relief to the most stressed families by providing a safe, quality, learning environment for the most vulnerable children aged three to seven years old.  As many of these children are under nourished they receive a nutritious lunch, play with their friends,  and are cared for by our local inexhaustible,  wonderful staff.

Now OTLC is an integrated part of the community built by the local inhabitants in partnership with our sponsors and visiting volunteers.  Now we have have grown to include a primary school up to grade four, with grade five beginning 2019.  We have a school roll of 300 pupils