The Zambian national curricula is fairly categorical in what is wishes to achieve in the education of young learners, and these themes persist through to tertiary level.

Education is now viewed as a tool and strategy for economic development, not just a separate entity in the social sector. It is specifically structured to equip learners with the values and abilities that in the future will feed into the economic and social development of the country. Their objectives stated in the Zambia Education Curricula 2013 states the following principles:

• holistic and coherent;

• comprehensive, diversified, inclusive and accessible;

• learner-centred and interactive;

• encouraging independence in learning;

• interlinked from Early Childhood Care, Development and Education (ECCDE) to tertiary levels of education;

Olive Tree Learning Centre is committed to developing holistic creative learners that are able to connect not only to their families and local community, but also to national and global endeavours that help build the nation. We therefore aim to translate the important aims the government has set forth in our education program so that the students of Olive Tree Learning Centre become innovative, well rounded, life long lovers of learning that become agents of change for a brighter future for Zambia.