OTLC is very grateful to the donors, sponsorship partners, and volunteers who have given generously of their time, resources, and financial support over these crucial developing years.

Thanks to all the KLAS Zambia Humanitarian Trip members, trip leaders, staff and school community for their years of service.

Thanks to Intervoyage Villeneuve for their ongoing financial and moral support.  Special Thanks to Valerie for visiting us at the OTLC and lugging along suitcases of school supplies!

Thanks to the Village of Leysin’s businesses and community who graciously supported all our fundraising efforts.

Special thanks to our volunteers and supporters from around the world: Shawn and LJ Lawson, and Ross and Debbie Goodwin who have supported our nutritional lunch program for the preschool.  Thanks to Roy Ston, for donating a number of refurbished laptop computers.  

Thanks to Jo and Rob Veale, who came to Livingstone with all their five children in August 2016 to help us. Jo conducted teacher training for OTLC staff and the entire family pitched in on various tasks around the school buildings and sponsored the construction of badly needed new latrines. And thanks to colleagues and friends Veronica Gifford, Kelley Fast, Johanna Haim, Ollie Nilson, and Angela McMillan who helped to supervise the KLAS teams at different times on trips to Livingstone and in the extensive preparation, fundraising and planning that these volunteer trips necessitate.  

Special thanks to Graydon Hazenberg for his help with the latest building construction, quantity surveying, accounts review and summaries. Thanks also for all the great photos of the school and our OTLC kids sponsorship photo profiles, working with the KLAS 2016 team, and keeping Maree mostly sane. 

Thanks to Miles Mcdonnell Collegiate in Winnipeg, Canada for their fundraising efforts helping to pay for our teachers’ training courses. 

Thanks also to our visiting volunteers this May, Dwight and Monique Propp, Sharon and Lindsay, and Candice and Wayne. They brought with them an incredible skill set from teaching, to media, journalism, photography and art.  They worked very hard for two weeks, working with our tailor to improve our products for sale, insulated the chicken farm from heat as well as cold, helped in the classrooms, took all of the grade four children on an excursion, and Wayne fully documented many aspects of the school and history.  They also paid for the construction, field trip, even more toilets and an incredibly durable monster black bicycle for picking up chicken feed.