You can make a difference

1. Child sponsorship: US$120 or 120 chfs pays for all schooling costs, education and uniform for one child for one year (one child per family plan ensuring that the assistance helps all the families in the community)

2. Grade Educational Field Trips: US$100 – $200 or 100 – 200 chfs for a class of around 30 students.  As many of our pupils rarely leave the community we try to take them on educational and experiential field trips.  We visit the living museum (history and culture), the Airport (to learn about transportation) and the BIG 5 Cheetah and Lion conservation trust (to learn about animal protection, conservation and endangerment). 

3.  Library books:  (bring some with you if you visit us, or help us to purchase them here) story books, reference books, atlases, journals, high school subject textbooks and dictionaries.

4.  We are in constant need of stationary, art supplies, musical instruments and sports equipment, you could sponsor us to buy some items here, or if you visit collect used or new materials from home if you ask at your local schools they often have used surplus paints, crayons and coloured pencils etc).

5.  External perimeter wall.  Our school grounds have a sloping perimeter.  We need to build a retaining wall and perimeter wall to protect our  fruit trees, chickens and classroom materials.   US$2,000 or 2,000 chfs  would build us a very basic wall with a steel roller gate.

6.  Chicken house remodelling to protect the chickens from extreme heat and cold US$1500.  Sadly we lost a number of chickens last year due  the heat in November and the cold in July / August. SPONSORED! 

7. Latrine Construction:  US$1000 To comply with local authority regulations we must built at least one more latrine (we really need two ).

Please email us and let us know how you would like us to use your donation. or


100% of your generous donation goes directly toward Olive Tree Learning Centre in Zambia.


As we are a registered NGO in Leysin, Switzerland.

You could also make a direct funds transfer to our  BCV account

OTLC bank Details Switzerland:  

Olive Tree Learning Centre OTLC 


Clearing 767

Banque Cantonale Vaudoise 

Place St-Francois 14 

1002 Lausanne